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Assuming that Max is a normal dog, and not a Seuss creature kind of dog, then they are obviously larger than a speck on a flower, which was the whole world for the Whos of "Horton Hears a Who! The form "whose" is a possessive form, as in "Whose coat is this?" The form "whos" is not a word without the apostrophe.

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If she really likes you, she just might like you back.Each rock unit, or geologic formation (in the column to the left), is mapped in detail. The mix of fossil types, ranging from clams to plants, mammals and crocodilian teeth, all record changes in the environment over time. marine.) The sands, muds or silts in which those fossils are preserved reflect the depositional setting in which those fossils were preserved. quiet lagoon.) Geochemical parameters give information about the chemical conditions. A fragment of a fossilized crocodilian tooth, a common find in the PCP Canal Localities.All textures and symbols have a specific meaning; even the contacts between units are denoted whether observed (and type) or inferred. Paleoenvironmental conditions fluctuated from brackish near-shore, shallow marine environments to sandy river beds with many terrestrial mammalian fossils.The resulting visualization shows how frequently Torontonians date according to age, gender and sexual orientation.

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A matrix was used to organize survey respondents by age (see the columns) and frequency of dates (see the rows).

Sample stratigraphic cross section of rock units of the Gaillard Cut of the Panama Canal. Yet, these pieces have been rounded and broken by the flow of water, and are found along with many pebbles of similar size (1-3cm in diameter) and degree of rounding.

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