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As we got older we were able to develop our own beliefs based on life experiences, world events, and many other things (religion is always a circus freak show to talk about between my brother and my mom at Thanksgiving).Yet Pastor Troy, a southern rapper, questions everything from the beginning of his long verse on this classic record.As I was lying down for bed with my girlfriend and son during Hurricane Irma, preparing for one of the worst storms I’ve ever experienced, I remembered my mom telling my brother and I to say the Lord’s Prayer during troubling times as a kid.“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep”, popped in my head just like I had recited it when I was younger.

) This shit here, goddamn, gon' Go'n get you a fat blunt of that 'dro Smoke that shit (it's all vica versa) Look up in the air nigga (we rich nigga) (this is what we doin', it's vica versa) Know ain't everybody gon' feel this shit Vica versa, pastor troy Vica versa Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah What if heaven was hell and vica versa If I told you go to hell, would you tell I cursed ya?

“Yes,” revealed Ross, leaving further explanation of the couple’s relationship status for the drama-filled episode airing March 23 on Lifetime.

This marks the first time either has publicly confirmed the paternity after Ross announced her pregnancy last month.

well it depends If the pastor dies the bishop becomes the pastor but if not the pastor is always in charge well it depends If the pastor dies the bishop becomes the pastor but if not the pastor is always in charge 25 cities: -Troy, Alabama -Troy, Idaho -Troy, Illinois -Troy Grove, Illinois -Troy, Indiana -Troy Mills, Iowa -Troy, Kansas -Troy, Maine -Troy, Michigan -New Troy, Michigan -Troy, Missouri -Troy, Montana -Troy, New Hampshire -Troy, New York -Troy, North Carolina -Troy, Ohio -Troy, Pennsylvania -Troy, South Carolina -Troy, Tennessee -Troy, Texas -Troy, Vermont -North Troy, Vermont -Troy, Virginia -Troy, West Virginia -East Troy, Wisconsin Sometimes, but usually the church council decides who will become the next pastor.

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If the church has no council, then the clergy members of the church will come together and decide which one of them will be pastor.My mind began pondering if what millions of people have been taught over the years with religion was really something bad.