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22-Sep-2020 14:37

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I have to respect his style, I guess, because he was not included in our alliance, but it wasn't deliberate - he just wasn't participating in it. But I made some great friendships and I'm happy for that." You mentioned there's someone at home you have feelings for but we saw you getting a little naughty with Sarah this week - did you have some explaining to do? We made an agreement that I wasn't going to go in this to obviously find a relationship, but we agreed that I was going to be single.

So I think he just tried something different and I respected that but it was a bad move and look, it's a game and we're going to be friends for a long time." Were you in the show for love or money? And if I'm going to go there to play the game, it certainly involved having whatever you want to call last week.

Kiptyn and Tenley have been taking weekend trips together and recently went on a double date with Ali Fedotowsky and her man Roberto Martinez.

"The first night we did together was an event for cystic fibrosis in downtown San Diego," Tenley said. We're going to have the guys cook for us because both Ali and I can't." We preferred Kiptyn and Tenley to Ed and Vienna, respectively, so it's nice to see they've found post reality TV happiness - with each other, no less!

The situation was fun, and Sarah is actually a great friend.

I think she realised that and I was very clear to her about having somebody at home. I mean, Chris and I go head to head a little bit and I would say we were the closest guys there - even between the girls, I think him and I were pretty close.

I'm not one to go and contrive this huge plan and try to dig out people or anything like that, but it was everyone else actually that was tellng me, like, 'We want to get rid of Reid because of what he did to you'.

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I think this week coming up, you're going to see this is really a kind of turning point and you're going to see a different side of a lot of people." It looked like you were really nervous that you could be going home this week - was that accurate or did the show make you look more nervous than you were?Sometimes you're going to step on people's toes and it's just part of the game." Can you talk a little about the Chris, Jamie and Blakeley situation?

While the show was short-lived, it proved prophetic: Her next hit show was titled simply Las Vegas.… continue reading »

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