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23-May-2020 10:29

Mary butted in, "Girl after just two years, you should still be having newly wed sex, and plenty of it," she said laughing out loud."It's just that Steve's not as big as what I was use to," she told the group."I know your right, but I just wish he was a little bigger," she said with a laugh. "I know I'm hung like a Greek god and Mary will back me up," he continued.They then all laughed, as Carol showed with her hands, how big she'd like me to be. "I guess everyone can't be hung like a horse can they? Bob told the group that it wasn't the length, but the girth, and that he more than satisfied Beth. "Well if Steve can't handle the job, Carol, just me a call, I'll take good care of you," he said with a laugh."Give me a shot of bourbon and a Miller chaser," I told the bartender.I spent the rest of the afternoon there, ignoring the numerous calls from Carol on my cell phone.As the girls stood there quietly and looked towards the door, Carol turned around. The sound of my empty beer bottle crashing against the wall made everybody shut up."You can all go to hell," I said as I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.

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"In a couple of days, he'll get over it and be begging you to forgive him," Mary said with a laugh.

"Well, any time you want to get rid of him, let me know because I'd snap him up in a heart beat," Beth replied.

"I don't know another guy, who would have taken you and your kids in, and treat you half as nice as Steve does," she continued.

I have a wife that has a big mouth and sometimes she just needs to keep it closed or wrap around my dick where it will do some good.

Six months ago, my wife Carol and I were at a friend's house for an adult, party night. The guys adjourned to half-ass watch a football game in the family room, while the wife's were in the kitchen and dining room chatting away.

I stopped for a quick minute when I heard Jan, one of my buddy's wife tell my wife Carol, "Steve's looking pretty hot since he started training for that marathon.

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