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27-Sep-2020 15:10

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To date, there are no records of his past relationship, dating, or affairs.Warren has not revealed if he has a girlfriend or if he wants to get married and have a wife soon.Carlos shows Tess that the body’s name is Aabas Amir and his student ID was in his trunk. She says Matt isn’t talking and he says she has to find something. She says it’s in a locked file cabinet in his office. Harlee says they can’t make an arrest for the plastic gun because they can’t explain how they got the lead. He asks who killed the Muslim kid and she says he killed himself on accident. She says he bashed his clip and was trying to turn his weapon in.

In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know how excited you are for season 1. Carlos comes to Tess’s house when she calls him over early. Harlee meets Matt and he says thanks for putting up with last night. He scrambles through his files and finds his black book is still there. Matt stares at her through his door then closes the blinds. Robert calls again and she says she has a lead on a hate crime and is out of options. Harlee goes into Matt’s office then says she’s going to lunch with Tess. She asks the next move and he says he doesn’t know. Harlee has to tell Robert that Wyatt came back and she couldn’t get the book. She says a couple of files were missing from the box and she pulled his originals and copied them. A kid hands him a card and says it was his cousin that got shot. Matt goes to Nava and says Harlee told him he was missing the Gerard and Dibble files. Matt goes to Tess’ house and sees her and Harlee go into the vacant lot. Matt notices the car that Robert and Chen are in behind him. Colton Lee Haynes (born July 13, 1988) is an American actor, famous thanks to his role in Teen Wolf.

On tonight’s episode, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) refuses to give Stahl (Warren Kole) incriminating evidence against Wozniak (Ray Liotta) and instead hands him a resolved. He says she left his cowboy movie collection and she says she likes black and white since it’s simpler. Warren has not disclosed any information about his parents and family except the fact that he has a sister named Nicole Blosjo. Warren Kole started his acting career appearing in the American anthology TV series Also, Kole gathers good sum from his commercials, sponsors, endorsement deals, and advertisements.