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In white communities, however, the meaning of Angelou's powerful blackness is less, and it might therefore be easier for them to deny her impact because of her personal choices. That question from a white person is rich with self-righteous permission: you cannot "hate" white people; it is because of us that you are able to marry your white partner, so actually, you are "as white as we are".

But a line must be drawn between the criticisms of interracial relationships that come from people of colour versus the same reproach offered by white people. Because when white people ask "How can you be so firm in your race politics when your partner is white? Since the release of my own book, S, I have faced similar interrogation.

An interracial relationship seemed incongruent with her principles and politics, hypocritical even.

This did not escape Angelou, who discussed her apprehension about marrying another white man with her good friend James Baldwin.

Baldwin is an outstanding and impactful author in his own right, a social critic of the complexities of racial, sexual and class distinctions in Western societies.

, deals with such themes as the stereotype imposed on black people by European people, the categorisation of stigma and the approach of white people towards black people, and a "native's" navigation through a white world. " And so Angelou, with this heart-to-heart from fellow black activist in hand, went ahead and married her white partner. In fact, many black as well as brown people would not dare.

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After all, several essays in the book take strong stances against woke whites and white privilege.Christine Cannata, a 61-year-old retiree, and her longtime African-American partner, Rico Higgs, 68, recently moved from Atlanta — where their relationship sometimes attracted unwanted attention — to Venice, Fla., a predominantly white city where they say neither one feels like anyone blinks at their relationship. They’re an older couple, they’re in love, and no matter who the crowd is, Mr. Higgs had been stopped by the police of that city for what Ms. One time, officers pulled them over three blocks from their house; they wanted to know what he was doing in the car and asked to see his identification.“When you love someone, it’s hard to watch them be treated differently,” Ms. Higgs says, “It always makes things go smoother.”Katy Pitt, a 31-year-old consultant in Chicago, recalled being at a party in the months after her engagement to Rajeev Khurana. And as of late, he’s feeling less certain that he wants to stay in Lincoln Park, the upscale Chicago neighborhood where they now reside. Pitt’s idea to start househunting in more diverse areas of the city.Both are enormously grateful for the acceptance their families have shown them, and talked about how Ms. During a conversation with an acquaintance, the man, who was intoxicated, said: “So you’re getting married? “If we have kids, we don’t want our kids growing up in a homogeneous area where everybody looks the same,” Mr. “There’s something to be said about interacting with people from different backgrounds.”People of some races tend to intermarry more than others, according to the Pew report.Of newlyweds in 2013, 37 percent of Asian women married someone who was not Asian, while only 16 percent of Asian men did so.

There’s a similar gender gap for blacks, where men are much more likely to intermarry (25 percent) compared to only 12 percent of black women.In 2013, 12 percent of all new marriages were interracial, the Pew Research Center reported.

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