Vb net textbox not updating cgi dating script service

27-Apr-2020 11:28

Fill, fills the Data Set with information from the database. Both the events are diffrent than how update click is taking the same value as Page Load.

Update, updates the Database with information in the Data Set. yes you are right i have set the breakpoint and when i press update button it will first go to the Page Load than on my update click but due to Is Postback it is not going in If Condition and directly pass to the update click event. My problem has been solved and even i understand it.

This pitfall of this solution is that Update Rich Text Box has to be carefully written as it is being called re-entrantly on two different threads.

Using Method Invoker, you can only call void functions with no arguments.

Close(); usually this happens if you load initial values all over again.

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Is Post BAck)...will be fine as the code placed in that condition only executes for the initial request....

Add some UI controls and arrange them as in the following figure.

Here I am showing a record in a Data Grid View from the database. Update the value of the Text Box and click the "Change" button.

This is the problem Hello, I think you are retrieving the values from the database in Page_Load event..populating them in textboxes...

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if that is the case...when you update the textboxes values and click button...again page_load occurs and it changes the values...after page_load, the button_click event occurs,...which is updating the values in the database with the values from the page_load...not with the previously updated values....

Hello All In my web page, i am retreiving values from database in textbox. Code for retreiving Values from database: Sql Connection con = new Sql Connection(constr); con. and the solution is to check a postback using the Is Post Back property. Is Post Back) if that doesn't help we'd have to know when you're calling that function in your code. Before giving Is Postback in my page load how come my update button click is taking the same value what i have retreived in Page Load.

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