Updating your technology knowledge of microsoft

29-Aug-2020 17:38

likely to be the first x64 only client OS from Microsoft.Global Knowledge use the strap line ‘Experts teaching Experts’ – they have nailed it on this one.Andy Malone has a deep and broad understanding so far beyond the subject (and that your average instructor) that allowed him to easily fill in the gaps in the somewhat lacking and already outdated course materials.The result was ‘quality training’ that has made a real difference to our long term understanding and ability to work with Windows 7 and the supporting technologies.This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to work with the new technologies in Windows Vista and Windows 7.This course is intended for individuals who already have experience with Windows XP to upgrade their skills to Windows 7.– Group Policy Preferences brought in with Server 2008 and allows user changes after the policy has been deployed.

•Administer new User Account Control security settings to improve the end-user computing experience.

•Describe how IT professionals use the Group Policy Management Console to create scripts that manage Group Policy Objects.

•Identify and use the improvements made to the latest version of Power Shell.

•Describe how Windows Management Instrumentation provides IT professionals with programmatic access to reliability data, enabling them to check stability status and review recent events remotely.

•Describe how to use the Device Manager and Devices and Printers to manage devices – Windows 7 is the last O/S from Microsoft available in a 32-bit sku, the reason still available on x86/32-bit is due to global economic conditions, to extend the life of older hardware (and not limiting the deployment of 7).•Describe how App Locker enables IT Professionals to specify the programs that are allowed to run on user desktops.