Updating reverse lookup zones

31-Jan-2020 14:47

In DNS right click on the Reverse Lookup Zones Click Add New Zone, this will bring up the New Zone Wizard Select Primary Zone radio Button Click Next Select To all domain controllers in Active directory domain "ABC.com" Click Next IPV4 Reverse Lookup Click Next Select Reverse lookup zone name used the first 3 octets of the ip range I am in ie: 192.168.1 Allow both secure and no secure clicked next FINISH ZONE = 1.168.192.Default zones are in there 0, 127, 255 The solution for this issue is to set the following setting on the ipv4 properties of the client PC's network adapter: 1.

How is the DNS-tab in the DHCP server properties configured?

However, it is authoritative for the testing.local (or whatever zone name the reader configured) domain and records can be created that can be used both locally and remotely depending on the network configuration.

Stay tuned for a follow-up article that will review the different available record types and how to configure them.

The configuration of the lookup zones is not all that confusing, and when using the wizards available it becomes even easier.

As shown in Figure 1, the DNS server role has been installed on the server and is shown in the left pane.

I have never checked on the reverse entries after setting it up until now. From what I understand about the reverse lookup, it uses the DHCP from the server (which my DNS is on) to obtain this info.

Problem I am running into is the reverse DNS zone (which I created a new one) is not populating.

Am I missing a something that would be stopping this from populating? When I get a change to dig around on my servers today, I will give you an update.

In plain speak, this is when the domains that will be served by this DNS server will be configured.

For the purposes of providing the reader enough knowledge to get this task completed, this article takes a walkthrough approach.I had a customer with more than 60 DHCP Scopes but all DNS Reverse Lookup Zones were unfortunately not created, configured and/or consisted of a lot of old invalid static records.

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