Updating dataset c

16-Dec-2019 04:07

I want to take those values and update the SQL table.(the SQL table exists because of a manual import to SQL from the original Excel spreadsheet, has a primary key set.For help clarifying this question so that it can be reopened, visit the help center. This is why in my comment I asked for the example sourcecode where you're modifying rows in dt - because I presumed you would have that somewhere, in order to expect that the changes would jump from Excel (which populated I think the auto generated Sql Commands generated by Sql Command Builder are not really going to be suitable in your case (If I have understood the question correctly).In the WHERE clause of the SQL Update statements generated by Sql Command Builder,the values of ALL columns are compared with their original values (as determined by the original data values in the Data Row). NET has a Connection object that we use to manage our connection to our data source. Things start to get different when we look at the ADO. In many ways, the Data Set object looks like a weird amalgam of all of the old DAO objects holding tables, relations, and columns. To do that, the Data Adapter lets us specify the commands that should be carried out to retrieve and update data. The Command object is used to submit SQL statements or to execute stored procedures. NET Command object accepts parameters and supports re-executing compiled commands. The purpose of the Data Adapter is embedded in its name: It performs the activities necessary to get the data from the data source on the server into the database that's held in the Data Set.This would free up the connection so that it could be used by other applications, improving our application's scalability.

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If the incoming data contains unnamed columns, they are placed in the Data Set according to the pattern "Column1", "Column2", and so on.The four properties are set to Command objects that are used when data is manipulated.

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