Trouble with dating sites

20-Sep-2020 18:14

They start referring to you as there future girlfriend to be, so you think that's a little creepy and ignore the guy for him to send you another 10 messages complaining you wasted his time, i only said hello, 1 worded message that was all. I think that if you try to do all your "sifting" online instead of in person, you will sift out some good ones and put your hopes in a spare few (who could be wrong).

I know you can't be picky on dating sites, but how hard is it to find someone decent who isn't of the three categories above? So many nice guys message me, it was just hard to choose between them lol. I've never had stalkers, except some that gets a little whiny (but is like 5%) and totally understandable because it's tough being a guy on those things. There are crazy people in the real world too and what do you do? They message you while your away or they message you then you think, okay I'll get dressed or I'll sleep and I'll reply to you in the morning, but when you come back on your been given F this F that from them because you didn't reply? DO it the "old fashioned" way of meeting in person... I joined POF and Okcupid for like a month max last year and you're right!

One of the site’s nice features it that it can be translated into Thai.

This site is still young but there are tons of hot Thai girls signed up already, waiting for you to get in touch with them.

There is mass amounts of copy and paste then there's these other few.

Maybe it's the area I live in, I've been on this dating site before but last time I dated women, I met the types that say there gonna meet you then don't, the very forward women and the ones who message you just to stick you in the friend zone, I'm not bi I just explored my options and it's men I want but your just a difficult lot. Why else would they feel the need to message me just to say f you? Personally, I think that dating websites are a microchosm of the real world... Firstly I have the choice to reply if I want too and secondly why do people feel the need to send another message to just swear at you? Men don't get a lot of responses on dating sites - so when they do, some (understandably) get excited. To leave them hanging after getting their hopes up is a little mean. If someone started talking to you, you said "hello", they talked some more and you just walk away? someone with a less than stellar profile but you think might match? Are you sooooooooo busy that you can't spare 30 mins for a cup of coffee? It's like going to a bargain store where you have to sift through bins to get that one good thing at the bottom or somewhere in the middle. The profile of the person basically tells you nothing. The amount of weird guys out on POF especially is scary.