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08-Jun-2020 22:32

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Also, we don’t have to be interested in everything our partner likes.For example, John and Roger are engineers, and I let them discuss something in that realm and be my history-major self.” Advice to others considering a triad “First, if you thought getting one spouse to agree on something was hard, try three people. It’s pretty much three people in a romantic relationship.It’s not just about sex (i.e., a threesome), but a union among three people.Also, when the kids were little, it was nice to have more parents than kids and to live with multiple friends.If Roger has something going in the evening, I have John for company and such.

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Also, sometimes you’re the one who’s waiting at home for the other two people to get back from their one-on-one date, and you get annoyed more easily than you might expect.You have to absolutely be willing to give voice to your feelings or concerns, because otherwise it festers.