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It is not intended for promotion child abuse or any illegal things.

Some characters have some dark, terrible secret in their pasts that they don't want anyone to know. It doesn't matter how big or small the secret is, it just matters that the person keeping it thinks that it's vitally important that it stay hidden.

When it's a whole town that's doing this it's a Town with a Dark Secret.

When you get even bigger in scale you get an Empire with a Dark Secret.

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At these circle jerks (CJ) sites are only disputable/controversial texts.The following bones were sent to you: one skull, two mandibles and two ulnae.

You sell iced tea mixes, you offer cups, glasses and mugs, and you’re going to have a blog to establish authority as the Iced Tea Emperor. There’s one fast, easy way to get past this obstacle. ” The answers you’ll come up with are the benefits a visitor (or potential customer) receives from staying on your site – and that’s important. By adding benefits to a tagline, you’re telling people what’s in it for them and what they get from you. Give people a little taste of your business’s brand in your tagline. Your website colors are pale and fresh, and even your blog’s tone seems to be calming. … continue reading »

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You date them for two months and then they’re about to go on deployment and so you say oh no I need to marry them now you’re doing it for selfish reasons you’re marrying them because they’re leaving maybe you want the military pay money maybe you want health insurance maybe you want I mean I don’t know who knows but you’re doing it for selfish reasons anytime you marry someone it should be purely on the fact that you love them and that you’re going to wait for them because he can be gone in two months get deployed and you should still love him whether or not you’re married to him if you loved him you would wait till you got back and then you would marry him.… continue reading »

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