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TDV has, in fact, been somewhat on the policy agenda for several years in California, and we are recognized for having sold TDV policies in the civil legal arena.

More and more, TDV is recognized as an important issue requiring public policy attention at the national, state and local levels.

Public policies and organizational practices affect the broad conditions that shape TDV.

On the same day, 10 youth from 4 cities in California who work to prevent TDV in partnership with 5 organizations participated in a Youth Leadership in State-Level TDV Prevention meeting, also convened by the Partnership.

The objectives of the meeting were to: 1) explore what should be done to prevent TDV in the area of school-based efforts; and, 2) explore what actions can be taken to create ongoing communication channels between youth leaders and state-level TDV prevention stakeholders.Youth leaders appreciated the opportunity to build relationships, learn from each other, and inform the Partnership’s work.