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date: 9.02.2012 author: slanelva Squier: Affinity Telecaster review.22 reviews, 189 votes and 71 comments total Service Diagrams; Amplifier Schematics; Color Chart; Product Dating. I've left it totally original, in fact, in lives in the case! 3 Way pickup selector fitted, but comes with a 5 way if you want to de-solder the three way...

Epiphone Les Paul Special Edition (bright green, Korean): 9 out 10 AWESOME! I found this info put up by "Leadowner" on (after having a nasty experience from typing "Korean dating" into a search engine). The KC and KV forms are apparently associated with the change to Crafted in Korea. So, post-1996 models only would have this form of serial number. Well, your post led me on a bit search, nay, mission to find out when my old strat was built. Zakstar: If it was made in China it is a Squier by Fender and not a Fender Telecaster.

If the serial number prefix is "CGF" as you indicated, that is not a Squier by Fender as Squier serial numbers prefixes for China are two letters with the exception of "CXS" per my references.I was wondering, is there any way to date these guitars from the serial number?

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