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25-Jan-2020 14:08

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After an off-screen relationship blossomed, the two stars became engaged in May 2004 and were married the next year in April 2005.Unfortunately, only five months later Bush requested an annulment citing fraud, and although that was denied, they were instead granted a divorce in 2006.They became engaged in April 2006 and continued to be engaged for seven years before calling it off with no explanation in 2013.

You see, a few weeks ago, I posted these pictures of Sophia Bush and Jake Gyllenhaal being all flirty, and what not.

While the film takes several liberties with the comic's storyline,...

Friend relationships, family relationships and of course romantic relationships.

All too often stars who work together for so many years develop feelings that linger when the cameras turn off and a beloved on-screen couple becomes one off-screen too.

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Whether it be cast members or crew members, there was lots of love behind the scenes, and of course lots of drama to go along with it.

3 Some would think a failed marriage to a co-star would make someone hesitate on dating another co-star, but that isn’t the case for either Murray or Bush.