Single parent dating fort huachuca arizona

29-Sep-2019 13:54

If this was real, I wanted this specter to break history with me.So I took a moment and started thinking, what would I want to know about a ghost? What can I ask that will break the linear decision tree where all Ouija boards end up telling you they want you dead?

His southern drawl tightened like a cello string,“I was in this house that looked abandoned right, so I go in and look around, and decide to have a smoke. I sprinted back to the car”Pumped with adrenaline, curiosity and stupidity, I suggested we go full Mystery Machine and park in a nearby lot and use the Ouija board from inside the car.

I realized any questions I asked had to be extremely specific, and offer no chance for creepy deviation in the answer.

I suppose I could ask it for the coefficient of Pi, and it could just respond with “die bitch” over and over, but I had faith in the ghost.

So the first question I asked was:“Name one thing the building you touched Thomson in was used for.”The planchette slowly started to move again. ” I thought to myself, this thing can’t possibly get creepy from this question.

I bet it will say like General Store, or Post Office, or“S L A U G H T E R”Pucker factor 9. But seriously, I again realized this was probably not one of us joking around because “slaughter” has not been used as a common term since the 1800s.Huachuca is about 20 minutes from the Mexican border and about 40 minutes from the infamous Tombstone, AZ. One of my buddies bought a Ouija board at Walmart for us to play around with. I’m not sure Jackson believed in the supernatural, but when your disposable income to free time ratio is skewed horribly in the wrong direction, you buy stupid shit to entertain yourself with.