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If you're thinking about buying a Mac, you know you're about to make an expensive, long-term decision.We outline key factors to consider when making that buying decision.He wanted to know what to buy and how to configure a Mac to best suit his child's needs.I get questions like this a lot, so in this article I'm going to answer the more general question: what should you think about when buying a Mac?Before we begin, it’s worth recognising that malware on the Mac is a subject which raises strong emotions.There are some who believe that the problem is overhyped (or even non-existent!

Macro viruses were written in the easy-to-understand macro language that Microsoft included in its Office programs making it child’s play to create new variants.

It was in Hong Kong, in 1998, when the next significant Mac malware outbreak was first spotted.

A worm – dubbed Auto Start 9805 – spread rapidly in the desktop publishing community via removable media, using the CD-ROM Auto Play feature of Quick Time 2.5 David Harley of Macvirus tells me that he remembers watching with interest as reports of Autostart spread from Asia to the rest of the world.

Read more: STb I recently got a request from a reader.

His kid is going to college for media production and needs to get a Mac.Laroux, the first Excel macro virus, was released and hit owners of Windows computers.