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But before you accuse me of being nosy, let me just say, I couldn’t help it.

They chose to talk about a personal matter in a public place.

His eyes never left me, although they strayed up and down my figure. His diatribe wasn't nearly finished."Three years now, constant, constant bitching about how the world hates you. I didn't care."His voice calmed a little bit."What I saw when I first looked at you was a frail little girl needing help. I can go back to those middle school years, much wiser now, and able to create happiness out of the chaos. Look at everything he's done since we met again at the gala: saved me from my stupidity. He is someone who can stand my personality, and indeed, seems to thrive off of it.

""No, that's-" He pounded down on the nightstand with his palm, silencing me. As if there was anything in your actions that ever made me believe you had the remotest inkling of interest. I caught my self with my hands, managing to retain a seated position while Ed stood over me."Am I ugly? At least, at the very least, I was given a way forward, to move on and enjoy life once again. He has also gotten a little more mature and considerate in his actions too, so that's good. Now that I've come to terms with my sexuality, and decided which half of the prudish/perverted divide to embrace (the perverts), I can take Morty's sexual idiosyncrasies and enjoy them, rather than become confused and disgusted by them. Yet, he doesn't understand that his substitute struck a chord so much deeper than the word "Love", a word bandied about so much by so many it's become meaningless. Even that should be taken care of by modern advances.

I was hoping someone, anyone, would hear the shouting match, burst in, and save me. It was too late at night, the inn was too big, with too few people, and we were in the most remote wing. "I've only wasted three years of my life trying to be everything that boy failed to be, trying to fill the void he left in your heart, doing my damndest to be the best man I could be! ""It's not helping when you start treading on things you don't understand! You had a crush, the bastard played along, and then when he was tired he dumped you and left.""That's not it! My fist throbbed, overcome by the pain of smashing Ed's Adam's apple."" I warned him in a low voice. I overreacted to something mean he said.""Are you serious? I needed someone who would comfort me, and validate me, and at least disparage Ed's behavior, without question. It's nothing like I expected.""What did you expect? He used his arms and legs to lift himself up, letting the liquid rinse down his back, butt, and thighs and stream back into the pool."Here," he said. I will do what is expected of me, even if it means doing something as frightening as [REDACTED]. When I'm yelling at him for his crude sexual innuendo, it's so much less worrisome than the existential danger I live with constantly. I you.""Right," I said, nodding and holding back tears.

You're sorry I'm telling you the things you need to hear, even if you don't want to hear them! The third landed squarely in his stomach, sending him lurching backwards towards the door. Morty stared at me, stunned.…Present Day"I was immature, and emotional. The things I said to you was just a childish overreaction. It's one of my faults."Morty's gaze was, to put it mildly, dumbfounded."It hurt, at the time, that you wouldn't take my side against Ed. I can't tell you what it was about, but I hope you trust me that it was very important, and at the same time, very hurtful to me. Jazz- I mean Jasmine- are you saying, honestly, on your honor, on your life, that Edward never molested you in any way? The boy floated there for what seemed like enough time to call a lifeguard. His response was to begin talking aloud to the stars."I have a hard time believing this. It's creating within my psyche an expectation, and I am the kind of woman who will not turn back on her word. The thought of that future day has my heart skipping. And that means he has no attachment to the worst memory of my life. When I'm around him, I don't have to recall the cruel reality that underlies my existence.

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Or worse, they did hear us, but decided not to get involved."The little bitch thinks she can wallow in her self-made misery for the rest of her life, all-but-asking desperately for people to care about her. Only to find out it's not enough for you, because I'm not guy! Mine, and everyone who has ever felt sorry for your bleary-eyed lying face! That's not-"Ed continued unabated."Then you went running home, and got told off by your mommy, who told your daddy, who told Mr. Ed gagged, and then managed to choke out a few words."What's the matter? I was desperate for someone to stand by me, unconditionally. He slowly got up and waded over to the side of the bath. I did so, taking a towel and covering my sensitive areas. So long as Morty promises to stay by my side and love me, I have no fears. He bent down to one knee and took my hands in his."Jazz- I-" He breathed deeply. It was impossible to hold back my feminine gushing any longer, so I rushed away. You not only have Pokémon that are strong, but they put up with your Tauros-shit training and unreasonable demands and still love you! I convinced myself I could be your bastion of hope, the one thing you could count on. I'm not like every other shallow, self-absorbed cad who butted into your personal space asking for a date based solely on your looks. The only thing I ever hoped for, the thing, was that you would stop and consider the three years of friendship and affection I've given to you, and all the things I've sacrificed for your sake, and then give me the barest chance to prove I could love you better than any man in the world! But I know exactly why you rejected me, and knowing how unfair, sickly selfish, self-absorbed, self-pitying, self-serving your reason is, it makes me want to explode. This was not the overly-formal, overly-polite, overly-apologetic coworker I had known the past four years. I know you want to talk about things, and we can, on the plane. "I wasn't convincing him."Look, I'm sorry," I said."You've never once been sorry for a single thing you've done, so shut that lying mouth up," he said. There's not one girl in school who wouldn't defer to you, not one teacher who wouldn't praise you, not one guy who wouldn't date you! And yet, all you've done is complain about the so-called 'stress' you're under! And the most ungrateful."I didn't want to speak, out of fear he would lash out at me again. I looked past your faults and found everything I wanted in a woman. I never expected you to find me attractive or laugh at my jokes. He showed no signs of moving, either towards or away from me. I could even forgive you if you had turned me down because of my behavior tonight. I worry a lot, and having a boyfriend worries me that I'll be going through the motions, when there's no emotional drive there. I don't think I'm capable of it.""What pretty little lies," Ed said with a sneer."It's not lies. You're lumping me with him because our names are similar! It's romantic, we can stop in Ecruteak for a date, I know just the place! I was stunned."After you told me that Warren kid had your picture, I started doing research, calling in old contacts. Morty took that shake as a negative."Then what was it? "I couldn't foresee it then, but now it's easy- how his life could develop to the point where he would do such an ugly act and end up in jail.""You think he took your rejection to heart? Four years." Morty shook his head in disbelief."It doesn't take years and years to develop those kinds of deep-rooted feelings," I argued."How long would you say, then? Or did he turn into a bad person because I rejected him? He's thinking, or he doesn't want to tell me the honest answer. He disappeared inside for a minute, reemerged in boxers, and still without a word strode off. I can tell you about the stars, about a thousand different Pokémon, about the top ten most embarrassing moments in my life. The only way I could even begin to trust you, is if you showed me yourself at your most vulnerable. Ahhhhh…I was about to go, but Morty stopped me one last time."Hey Jazz.""Hmm? I wanted to be alone for this walk, in order to think. My second was wrestling with him, trying to get back my Pokeball with which he had just caught Haunter. Things really fired up when they allowed Pokémon in our sporting games. They had promised me Steven Stone would be there, but that was a lie, I guess.

Let's stop talking about it and forget it and go to sleep. In fact, I think I can understand where you're coming from. I know, let's cancel the plane and go home on a train! After all, it's only the entire reason you're a Gym Leader in the first place! ""Because he is in jail."My mouth dropped open a little. ), but when graphed it basically shows the closer x approaches 1, then y becomes infinite. The closer I get to divulging everything, the worse my fear gets, to the point where it's impossible to overcome."Go on. For Ed, it was purely a scheme to take revenge on you. He succeeded; a lot of the local trainers did shun me for years afterwards. I wouldn't have done anything so stupid as 'Truth or Dare', that's for sure. Better change the subject back to Ed."Morty, you're a guy.""Obviously.""Do you think Ed was always a bad person? [/CENSORED]"Okay, that's enough," Morty exclaimed, drawing back his hand suddenly. "I'm not going to let this evolve and make you go back on your word," he explained. "Use that until you get dressed.""Thanks."As one last favor, I REDACTED]."That's a sight I could get used to.""Mmm, it's not as good as the one I get," I said, eying his bare chest. I finished by slurping his upper lip, scooping it out like clam meat. I think I can bring myself to just hate particular men, the ones who have wronged me. I thought about taking my Pokémon out, perhaps even Steelix, to transport me to the station, then decided against it. My first memory of him was receiving a wet-willie down my ear. I spent the dance pouting, because of some stupid thing involving the guest speakers. I knew what I wanted, and the idea caught fire in my mind that I should have it .

They let fourteen year olds travel across the region for their Pokémon journey, but that was only during the summer, when school is out. I have trouble figuring out what I can do to help others. I think Morty is the kind of guy who has the patience to let you figure it out. Besides, when Morty [REDACTED] you cringed- in a good way. A few travelers were pushing past me, on their way to get on or getting off."What do I really want?