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26-May-2020 23:36

I'm getting an i Pod touch 4th gen 8gb white soon (2nd hand, good condition) and i was wandering if i could get snapchat on there?I am currently an i Pod touch 2nd gen user so i can't get it.... Would i also be able to use skype on my ipod and make good quality videos?Squeeze more juice out of it with tips to improve its battery life.Eventually, you'll need to decide whether to buy a new MP3 player or look into battery replacement services.The hardware and software features of both devices are fairly similar (though the i Pod touch isn't updated as often as the i Phone, so the closest relative to the latest i Pod touch is the slightly old i Phone 6 series).If you've got an i Pod touch, or are thinking about getting one, below is an overview of everything you need to know about the device, from understanding its hardware and software, answering some questions about buying it, and how to get help for problems.The i Pod touch, sometimes incorrectly called the "i Touch," is the top of the line i Pod — in fact, it's missing just a few features that make it different from an i Phone.The i Pod touch has long been referred to as "an i Phone without the phone," and that's basically correct.

While the i Pod touch is a great device, it's not completely trouble free (and hey, what is? In your early days of using it, you may run into situations where it freezes.But there are tons of great messaging/calling apps that are compatible with IPod 5.For instance, Textnow, Textfree, Even Messages built into the i Pod.For making calls I am going to use basic Nokia phone.

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Whereas with i Pod touch 5th gen I will be using for all rest of the things like browsing, gaming, social networking, photography. I am getting my very first Apple Product right away. Thanks, Jackson Lourdusamy I have an IPod 5, version 8.3 and I checked, and you can NOT get Whatsapp.

The second generation model sitting on my desk doesn’t have a color screen, weighs enough to be used as a self-defense aid and does little else than play music (though block breaker was a pretty cool feature at the time).