Sex chating betwen mother and son Sex mit ichat cam

13-Sep-2020 02:39

I had always been a momma's boy and will always remain the same.

Afterall being momma's boy helps in more ways than one.

Mom comes there after some time and sits on the bed next to me still wearing that sari and loooking hotter than she seemed online "raj did you always know it was me" she asked "mom after you gave your email id" , I replied "raj iam sorry for all this but it will be good if we end this all here and promise that no one will ever come to knwo about it" I was shocked and wanted to ask her where has that boldness which she displayed through her virtual personality dissapered , why is she acting like this when she said how desperate she was for sex and how she wanted me.

"mom dont worry even if what all you said online was false or just your fantasy but let me tell you what all I said was true and I want you and i love you" "Raj I also love you and want you but its just that I dont find this idea of turning myself into my sons loving mom into his lover mom and secondly what if someone finds out" "mom when you love me that badly then why the heck have you got to think about the world.

We talked about a lot of things and as things started turning out I started growing suspicious that this was my own mom so to check things I asked her for her email id which when she gave me I was shocked and in a state of daze.

Not knowing what to do next I bid adieu to her and asked her to come back in the night and maybe we can have a virtual sex through web cam.

It was a couple of hours already and she was saying that she had to leave now as her son is alone at home and how she wants to see him and asked me to pray that maybe today her son does something and fucks her I asked her to pray the same for me and maybe my mom comes home from wherever she has gone and asks me to lay her down.

We talked a lot about sexual desires / fantasies and even did a steamy roleplay where she played the part of my mom to perfection.I told my online mom that my mom called and told me she couldnt be back for few more hours and we got time for each other as much as we want.This time instead of doing roleplay/cyber sex/virtual sex we both decided to talk a bit and give each other a peep into our personal lifes and take advices from one another on how to make our respective family members come to us and have sex with us.son4mom:yes mom maybe he is waiting for some more direct signals and wants you to make the first move hornymom4u:yes maybe but i dont know what to do if he doesnt like my doing this then what will i do son4mom:mommy you got to try it once only then can you find what he wants and what he doesnt want.dont you try this right now anyways its only you two at home hornymom4u:dimwit has gone to his friends place but thank him for that otherwise i would have not got a computer to talk to you and maybe show you my body.

son4mom:hmmmmmmmmm hornymom4u:son you got the webcam?? son4mom:yes mom did you.btw what are you wearing right now.son4mom:mom u hot and u got a well maintained body hornymom4u:thank u sonny boy now its your turn to let mom see u son4mom:mom u really want to see me hornymom4u:yes hun son4mom:okie mom but dont get angry or mad hornymom4u:sure son y should i get mad at u son4mom:ok mom here u go i watch her expressions change from that of excitement to shock to despair to shame to guilt she told me to get back home and logged off that very instant.

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