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10-Aug-2020 22:05

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As one woman told us: “It makes the date more exciting if you don’t set those silly ‘I don’t sleep with guys on the first date’ rules." Here, four women explain why they refuse to hang around – and ­prefer to get down to ­business.Agata, from Lewisham, South East ­London, says: "When I was single, my dates would almost always end up with sex."I’ve had to give a few guys the brush-off after sleeping with them as the spark wasn’t there."I’m quite a sexual person so that’s important to me. "I think my friends are unsupportive when I sleep with someone on a first date because they’re in long-term ­relationships."If the sex isn’t­ good then I’m not ­interested." "If I was attracted to a man I would always want to sleep with him so I would find out if there could be a reason for a second date."I would be very honest if I didn’t find him that attractive or if I felt like we weren’t connecting on a mental level.

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Remember, these members are after one thing - No Dating - just hot action. With just a few simple steps to sign up, and more members joining every day, connecting with like-minded people has never been easier."When I tell my friends they always quote the three-date rule, which says a woman must wait until she has had a third date with a guy before having sex with him, but I don’t agree.