Ryuichi sakuma and tohma seuichi dating quizzes

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Sakano (their manager) Is fired, but only to become the Bad Luck's producer.--Track 4- Wave Shock The troublesome story of Yuki and Shuichi continues when Shuichi decides to go to live with Yuki. The prize Is the chance to play their new song on air.

Track 5- Winding Road In this episode Ayaka, Yuki's fiance, is introduced.

It's also a K Idea Shuichi and desperate Suguru try to persuade Hiro not to leave the band during a press conference that was given to declare his leaving.

The conference turns Into a party when a Kumagoro dressed Ryuichi appears and announces the selling of one million copies of the Bad Luck disc.--Track 11- Secret Day In this episode new truths about Yuki past come to surface.

While Ryuichi Is heading to the NG'studios he meets Shuichi that's still down by Yuki's words.

Ryuichi tries to cheer him up with many very strange gifts.

Mika, Yuki's sister, ask Shuichi to help her to reapprocing her brother,since the feeling between the two is now more strong.

Shuichi thinks that Yoki doesn't want a homosexual relation and so he dresses up a girlish-looking sailor suit (quite logical)--Track 8- Song and Song Taki tries again to stop the rise to the success of the Bad Luck going to Yuki's house, but he doesn't get anything.

The date between Yuki and Shuichi Is an unforgettable day, but in the evening Yuki confesses what has tormented him for years: a violence he suffered from his sensei that ended Into a tragedy.

Yuki couldn't stand it and fired to Kitazawa and his friends. Shuichi is deeply striken by the story, the fact Yuki told it to him is a great act of trust, but he doesn't know how to help Yuki.

While Shuichi runs away with those thoughts, Yuki decides to leave Japan and come back there where everything began: the place where he met his Sensei, New York.--Track 12- Breathless Shuichi gets aware of Yuki's sudden vanishing and understands that this time is forever: he finds Yuki's apartment completely empty.

Even Ryuichi changes his behavior, becoming cold and Impassible.

Yuki judges harshly the work giving him a "Zero Talent".

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