Rolex dating chart

17-Sep-2019 18:57

It offers an accuracy of /- 2 seconds per day by way of a paramagnetic Parachrom hairspring, a Paraflex shock absorber, and the new Chronergy escapement.

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The white gold, five-pointed coronet at the top of the dial – marking its territory at 12 o’clock – is finished with the same high polish as the rest of the hour indices, but its form is gentler and rounder, a hallmark of the brand’s stature.The break – or plunge – from the edge of the hands to the dial is enhanced even more by the prominent, faceted edges of the baton shapes.White gold and gleaming, the longitudinally bisected hour and minute hands exude permanence.Up until the year 1945, when someone wondered what the date was, they looked it up on a calendar.

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In 1945, Rolex changed that with the introduction of the Datejust, which has the honor of being the first wristwatch to display the date in a window.

The Jubilee bracelet has also seen a slight revision, most evidently in the end links.