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Some suffered mental or physical abuse at the hands of adult guardians.

However, it is not known whether Alcala experienced violence in his childhood, nor if he is still in contact with his family today, although they did not attend his latest trial and sentencing in 2010.

Like many of the notorious serial killers operating in the 70s (think Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, the Hillside Strangler), Alcala took advantage of more lax cultural norms - inefficient law enforcement protocol and the lack of DNA technology - to carry out his brutal crimes.

But investigators had a unique edge in this case: Alcala kept a collection of about he had taken, some of them depicting his victims.

Alcala had raped her and beaten her with a metal bar. Shapiro overcame her severe injuries and was one of Alcala’s only victims to survive his attack.Though he’s been imprisoned since 1979, Alcala’s murderous streak presents a complex case that has continued to stump authorities well into the present day.Read on for an in-depth account of Rodney Alcala’s twisted psyche, unforgivable crimes, and the investigative work that brought him to justice. Many serial killers have been known to exhibit violent tendencies even at a young age, such as torturing animals.Alcala committed his first known violent crime in Hollywood in 1968.

He lured eight-year-old Tali Shapiro into his car while she was walking to school.The family, including Alcala’s two sisters and brother, relocated to Mexico; three years later, their father Raoul abandoned them. There has been speculation that he had a number of emotional and trust issues caused by this abandonment. His erratic behavior was attributed to some sort of nervous breakdown, and he was evaluated by a military psychologist.

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