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20-Nov-2019 03:40

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The buzz is that KC and Richard have their own respective personal and private relationships going on the side even while the cameras were still rolling for their films. According to him on twitter, he does not have a girlfriend, KC included, and didn't say he ever had a girlfriend.

It's been known that Richard has Jewel Mische by his side, but as for KC, the fans would still await her confirmation of who that guy (a.k.a. In the meantime, both their careers are on the rise. Since the 1994-1995 season, the Broncos and Chiefs have played twice each year, they also met once in the playoffs in 1997. To name some-- Marian Rivera, Dawn Zulueta, KC Concepcion, etc. Too many to mention I most say that the most beautiful filipino women is 'Faltina Deprevin' Pascual's Girlfriend Piolo Pascual is a secretive guy although he is one of the promising hunk star in Philippine show business many of his fans do not know his real girlfriend.

According to a source, Concepcion and Borromeo tried to work things out, but it seems that both are busy with their commitments. While Borromeo is fulfilling his football commitments, Concepcion has been hinting at big projects, endorsements, and a possible comeback.

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Paraluman no they aren't, they're just really good friends YES THEY ARE SO TOGETHER FOREVER & EVER!