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Read more about coping with the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or dementia Read a story about one such caregiver who was grieving and in denial of what was happening to his wife.To help you cope with your loved one at home – read Understanding Alzheimer’s behaviour changes Tips for Alzheimer’s Caregivers Activities for Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s The following pages will help you recognise some of the symptoms and accept when it is time to get more help –Alzheimer’s Symptoms Sundown Syndrome Pain and Dementia Alzheimer's Final Stages Why is Caregiver Grief after Death Such a Shock?

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You grieve for the loved one you had, whilst caring for the totally dependent person they have become.

Many people don't realise that what they are suffering is grief when their spouse has Alzheimer's disease. will enable you to take control, to cope with difficult situations with patience and humour, and to get some relief from the feelings of grief.

There is grief because the person you loved, the personality, has gone. Friends and neighbours don’t realise that you and your family are grieving, there is not the same support as when someone dies. They are gradually losing one parent to dementia, and the other is in a constant state of crisis, coping from day to day, and needs an enormous amount of support.

What is the difference between Alzheimer's and Dementia?

Getting a diagnosis may have been delayed for many years and the knowledge of what is wrong can either come as a shock or a relief. Your spouse with dementia or Alzheimer's is gradually changing before your eyes and is becoming more and more dependent.