Overcome fear of dating

01-Dec-2019 19:05

If they don’t want to move the relationship to the next level, you may want to move on with grace since your goals are no longer aligned.

Don’t hesitate to discuss this space and agree on it to keep the relationship going and know its terms.

By defining the space, you may also define the length of time that you are willing to wait for your partner.Then when you are aligned with moving from dating to a long-term, intimate relationship, this process will happen more naturally and be more joyful. Micheline Nader is an award-winning healthcare entrepreneur and expert in the fields of wellness and personal transformation.As a speaker and author of The Dolphin’s Dance: A 5-Step Journey into Conscious Awareness, Micheline shares her successful model for living a more conscious and present life, helping readers find inner peace, happiness, and purpose. If the time comes to look for a more long-term relationship, you will prevent unnecessary pain and suffering. Dating is indeed a dance between two partners: a dance of harmony, desire, compatibility, and more.

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Applying these four tips will help you become a conscious partner and make dating a more enjoyable experience.

It breaks down, however, if you are not honest about where you really stand.