Oracle updating chunks big table kelly slater dating

27-Nov-2019 18:18

It is most likely the former and if so then if there are indexes covering those columns it is usually better to drop them before operations that update every row and recreate them afterwards (don't drop the PK and/or clustered index though).

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This should be safe to do as long as you don't stop the SQL Agent job. By sending the process a "signal" (similar to in Unix), you can request that it stop at the next convenient moment (i.e. ) and have it clean itself up all nice and tidy-like.I mean, for instance, is called 6 times for each row which involves 6 context switches SQL/PLSQL .Is it possible to rewrite the function so it can be called just once ?DECLARE @Batch Rows INT = 1000000, @Update Rows INT = 4995; IF (OBJECT_ID(N'dbo.

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Huge Table_Temp Status') IS NULL) BEGIN CREATE TABLE dbo. Last Updated On FROM sys.partitions sp CROSS JOIN dbo.

), but for the sake of completeness, I will address this issue here as it was not part of my suggestion in that linked answer.

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