Online dating for blacks and whites

09-Oct-2019 12:08

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Although black participants initiated contact to members of their own race more than to whites, they were ten times more likely to contact whites than whites were to contact blacks.

White men and women were most likely to respond to members of their own race, and only 5% of their responses went to blacks.

Data from more than 1 million profiles of singles looking for love online confirms that whites overwhelmingly prefer to date members of their own race. Blacks are more likely than whites to be in interracial marriages, and that couples in which the husband is black and the wife is white are more common than those in which the husband is white and the wife is black.

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Census data from the year 2000 shows that black-white couples represent just 1% of American marriages.

White men are most numerous on mainstream dating sites like OKCupid and and that’s where daters go to look for them.