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03-Sep-2020 21:39

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A recent study has started steering sexting research in a new direction that has millennials’ experiences and opinions as its base.This is important, as much of the literature currently circulating does not employ appropriate research methods or is biased towards finding the harm in this new moral panic that’s “corrupting our youth”.Japanese and South Korean adults are the least likely to trade racy missives.Worldwide, 67 percent of adults said they’ve sexted — a staggering increase from just five years ago, when only 21 percent said they engaged in the practice.They were born between 19, and are regarded by researchers as an open-minded, responsive and liberal generation who believe that “useful is the new cool”.They’ve grown up in an “always-on” digital era: the online world is their platform for communication and expression So it should be no wonder that, in addition to social and professional online existence, they also express their sexuality via technology.

An old-school text message is still the most common way for people over 18 to transmit their salacious thoughts, with 65 percent of Americans saying they’ve sent sexy SMSes, while only 38 percent used Snapchat.But sexters – and particularly young millennials – need to be taught how to navigate these sometimes murky waters.Schools and the popular media need to start addressing issues around consent and non-consensual sharing.My own research, too, has focused on millennials’ attitudes to and practice of sexting. I found that it is most prevalent among couples, people in long-distance relationships and, interestingly, virgin teens.

I collected the data from 579 students aged between 18 and 30 in an online survey at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. These experiences were discussed in the focus groups, where students could elaborate on the answers they’d given in the survey.OBJECTIVE: It is unknown if “sexting” (ie, sending/receiving sexually explicit cell phone text or picture messages) is associated with sexual activity and sexual risk behavior among early adolescents, as has been found for high school students.

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