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17-May-2020 19:33

It has become one of the iconic atmospheres in college football and in all of sports.

The Herd have always had great support from their fan base and have a very solid football program. Edwards Stadium has over 38,000 seats and has been a challenging place for visiting teams. Interesting fact: since 2013, Marshall is 12-3 in games played in the state of Florida and/or against Florida schools.

When wagering on football, it’s important to remember that the majority of sports books automatically give the home team a three point advantage.

To put that in context for gambling novices, if the line is -3 in favor of the home team, the bookmaker feels on a neutral field this would be an even matchup.

The on-campus stadium only has a capacity of 45,000 seats but is deafening when the Knights get rolling. Besides the unlimited amount of talent the Tigers roll out each Saturday, you also have to contend with over 80,000 rocking fans.

“Death Valley” is as loud a stadium as you will find in the country.

The A&M defense, lead by future All-Pro Von Miller, completely took over.

Boise is known for their “Smurf Turf” and their tremendous home field advantage. Yahoo Sports asked every NBA player to name the most intimidating player they ever faced and this is who they said is The G. There’s nothing like a Saturday afternoon in autumn, when college campuses all across the country light up and become battle zones for opposing fans and teams.In 1986, the university installed the blue turf — the first of its kind.

The Broncos are the premier non-Power 5 conference school and have won 92% of their home games since 2003.Arkansas State is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, a small town that lives and dies with their Red Wolves.