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But after controlling for smoking, researchers still saw a lower rate of heart disease among Church members. They focused on other Latter-day Saint practices: monthly fasting; avoiding tea, coffee, and alcohol; taking a weekly day of rest; going to church; and donating time and money to charity. Surprisingly, the difference persisted even when researchers took into account weight, age, and conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.[9] It is clear that the practices associated with being a faithful Church member, including fasting, lead to greater health and longevity.

Happiness While better health also contributes to personal happiness, many other factors enter into the high levels of life satisfaction reported by Latter-day Saints.

The Church also sponsors literacy initiatives around the globe, and has undertaken an ingenious program called the Perpetual Education Fund.

Many youth in the Church who serve two-year missions come from countries and backgrounds of significant poverty.

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"Hitherto I had not observed any outstanding Mormon characteristics in either of you," he wrote. they are excellent citizens."[1]More recently, one Orthodox Christian commentator observed that the faith produces "exemplary people" who in turn "make good neighbors."[2]Today there is a growing body of independent research suggesting that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes nicknamed "Mormons," do indeed make good neighbors and citizens.

Family Values Studies have shown a sturdy correlation between religious inclination and family-centered values, which put the needs of the spouse, children, and others first.[22] Participation in such values, including family life, contributes to increased personal happiness.[23] Statistics show heavy participation in family life among Latter-day Saints. According to a 2008 survey, nearly nine out of ten Americans (87%) identified Mormons as having strong family values.[26]For Latter-day Saints the family is theologically paramount.

He is a graduate of both Harvard and Stanford Universities.Given by revelation to the Church's founding prophet, Joseph Smith, the code encourages eating grains, fruits, vegetables, and herbs, but strongly discourages using tobacco and consuming alcohol, tea, and coffee.In addition, practicing Latter-day Saints forgo food for 24 hours once a month as a fast.Furthermore, nearly three out of four Mormons (73%) believe that, "having a successful marriage is one of the most important things in life,"[29] compared with 34 percent of the general public.

Education One prominent scholar recently called Joseph Smith's "insistence upon education"[30] the faith's greatest inheritance."But I shall be looking for them from now on." He further added, "I have a very high opinion of the Mormons . Recent studies reveal that Latter-day Saints tend to be healthier, happier, better educated, and more committed to family values.

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