Mexican dating rituals

18-Jan-2020 18:19

Hot peppers (often served in a red or green sauce) and salt are the most-common condiments.

Maize tortillas are often served on a plate alongside main dishes, and the smell of toasted or burned corn permeates many households.

Moreover, most incidents of domestic violence go unreported and unpunished owing to prevailing social attitudes and a deep distrust of the justice system.

For the vast majority of Mexicans of all economic levels, cuisine varies greatly by region but depends heavily on an ancient trinity of staples: corn (maize), beans—which provide an excellent source of protein—and squash.

Other favourites are soups and spicy stews such as , followed by a siesta (afternoon nap), but that tradition—once much associated with Mexican life, at least by foreigners—has become less common owing to company-mandated lunch hours, long commutes in Mexico City, and the demands placed upon farm and factory workers who are distant from their homes.

I mean, everyone knows that everyone across the Rio Grande gets killed by a drunk drug lord with a Sombrero after a fight about a bottle of Tequila.

Extensive squatter settlements, often lacking basic services, are a common element of all Mexican cities.

In contrast, the relatively affluent middle- and upper-income groups enjoy the amenities of urban life and control most of the social, political, and economic activity of the country.

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