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07-Feb-2020 22:30

Your total period of coverage cannot exceed 1,820 days (five 364-day periods of coverage). For United States Citizens, the Home Country is always the United States.

You may renew your coverage in any increment of 5 days or more (there is a fee each time you renew). Inbound Guest – You have the option to extend coverage in any increment of 5 days or more (there is a fee each time you extend).

For an injury, treatment must begin within 30 days of the injury. citizens under age 70 if the acute onset of the pre-existing condition occurs while you are covered if you receive treatment in the United States within 24 hours of the sudden and unexpected recurrence.

We pay up to the limit in the schedule if your medical condition requires immediate transportation from your current medical facility to the closest facility with appropriate care. Expenses must be authorized by Seven Corners Assist. A pre-existing condition that is chronic, congenital or gradually worsens over time is not covered.

Easy to Buy – No questions to answer about your health.

Quick Protection – Coverage can start as soon as the next day. The limits for individual benefit amounts vary with the medical maximum you select.

Coverage will begin on the latest of the following dates: the day after we receive your application and correct premium if you apply and pay online or by fax; or the day after the postmark date of your application and correct premium if you apply by mail; or the moment you depart your home country; or the date you request on your application. Inbound Guest – Your coverage length may vary from 5 days to 180 days.

Click the If your injury or sickness requires medical treatment, we will pay up to the amounts in the schedule of benefits, minus your deductible.

Women get unlimited free use, while men receive a 10-minute trial that must be used all at once and may not be carried over to future calls.… continue reading »

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