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The Stranger Things star, Gaten celebrated his 16th birthday on 8 September 2018.On his birthday, he met his fans and raised awareness for smiles.While he was at school, he used to travel in NJ and NY for his Broadway performances.He once mentioned that he was inspired by his sister, Sabrina who is an actress and singer.Aside from being adorable, it genuinely seems like Matarazzo and Yu enjoying their time together.And if the past is any indication, there will likely be even more sweet content from these two in the future, so stay tuned.As of 2018, he charges about 0,000 per episode in the third season which would be released in 2019.Apart from the TV series, Matarazzo makes his wealth from his trademark “Yo Dudes” and T-shirts which worth is each and sweatshirt for . Gaten Matarazzo is lucky when it comes to his relationship with girlfriend, Lizzy Yu.

He is one of the hottest teen actors who has earned fame and fortune.

In 2015, he appeared as ‘Finn’ on NBC’s crime thriller television series “The Blacklist”.

Then in 2017, he appeared in the comedy television series “Ridiculousness” in the season 10 of episode seven.

Gaten revealed on the show “The Doctors” about his rare genetic disorder, cleidocranial dysplasia (CCD).

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CCD is a genetic condition that affects the development of bones particularly the skull and collarbones. As a student, he faced bullying from the senior student who didn’t understand what he is going through.His mother has always been supportive of the artistic inclination of all her kids and encourages them to perform.