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26-Oct-2019 03:23

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I asked if she did not feel the same way about me as she did. I feel like she is scared of our relationship for fear it may end up again like her last? And I don't just mean unresolved in regards to the divorce process being finished, but unresolved psychologically and emotionally.I have been treating her like I treat my other relationships, but I don't think she has been treated this well or nicely. I asked if she felt like she was missing out on some part of life of not being married? A typical scenario is that when people finally decide to separate, often after years of being unhappily married, they immediately start looking for more positive relationships.So I wasn’t exactly thrilled when a friend repeated some advice that she’d heard: “You should keep ‘dating’ your husband when you’re married.” I love it when I hear a great relationship tip that I suck at! Curious to see what everyone else is doing, I asked a bunch of my married friends. It’s hard.” In fact, everyone I talked to said they knew they be screwing up, right? We’re so wrapped up in raising little ones and keeping it all together that doing cool and interesting things in our relationships has slipped.After racking my brain, I realized that I have one friend who aces the whole dating-your-husband thing: She and her man take spontaneous vacations to little places I’ve never heard of, throw cool parties together, and surprise each other with little gifts on the regular.We get a lot of questions regarding separation, divorce, and dating.Many of them center around when it’s okay to start dating again and if you should do so while you’re separated but still married.

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If the connection between the two of you is strong enough, it’ll survive the time he or she needs to become someone fully available and ready to commit to a new relationship.This doesn’t mean that you, as the person they want to date, are a poor choice, but that they’re unaware of, and unrealistic about, what they can give to a relationship and their own emotional state.