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Just five months after "I'm 'n Luv" was released, Billboard ran a cover story on the importance of the strip club to breaking new artists.Another five months later, the wider world was introduced to Fat Joe and Lil Wayne's "Make It Rain".For a song with "stripper" in the name to be a top 40 hit, it had to work as more than a club anthem. T-Pain's biggest strip club banger is probably "Up Down (Do This All Day)", a much more uptempo song about throwing money at asses. The story goes that it's based on the time he took that one friend to a club for his first time, and he, of course, fell in love with a stripper.So basically, this song is T-Pain busting on his lovestruck buddy, taking that ribbing and turning it into a massive hit in Garage Band in a couple of hours, utilizing a synth flute and Auto-Tune to huge effect.This could be due to the instinctive love a certain demographic has for R&B or hip-hop only when it's recontextualized and stripped down, but an audience who'd never heard T-Pain probably just saw an enchanting soul singer.Certainly the novelty was the draw for those who had.It's so sweet in intent and minimal in instrumentation it's possible to imagine the Flamingos singing it.

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He used it to screw it up and make it do what the human voice technically could not.

What T-Pain was was perfectly of the time, at the crest of a tidal wave of R&B and hip-hop strip club-set bangers.