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11-Aug-2020 23:48

In any case, I think that Debbie Brown is doing it right. To the naked eye, it’s an innocent list of Christmas gifts. A sharp new suit, a brand new smell, a new phone (for who, exactly? he’s after someone else, or maybe he’s already found her. Whether that means there’s a lack of experimentation, passion, or semblance of intimacy, someone can only accept so much.

“I’ve had affairs with some ­absolutely gorgeous, very well-heeled men, who take me to the finest restaurants,” she says. According to our friends over at Illicit, it could be a telltale sign that your partner is an adulterer. It’s natural, it’s instinctive, and if a relationship can’t satisfy a common urge or desire, it won’t last too long. You were swept away, rushed in, and now find yourself with more of a tinge of regret some years down the line.

Once you’ve ticked all the boxes, there’s not much left to do but be, well, settled – and I am too restless to be content in sitting around being settled. I admit I missed the lust, the excitement and the energy that someone new gives you – was it an itch?

Yeah probably, and I’ve been denying myself the scratch for a long time.” Claire Page spokesperson for Illicit said “Why are couples cheating after 8 years?

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Illicit surveyed 1,300 of its members and discovered 8 years to be the most popular time after marriage for people to embark on an extra-marital relationship.According to the annual Infidelity Index, the town of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, is the most adulterous in the UK, with over 2% of its population having affairs. Or, depending on where you stand, the plaudits should go to the town of Brentwood in Essex, who are officially the “cleanest” town in the UK. Maybe, but the married-dating site who commissioned the index have another theory, namely that the economic downturn has left a lot of couples reluctant or financially unable to divorce. Dating the man you’re married to and dating someone else’s hubby are two very different things. Over a period of weeks, months, years, their relationship disintegrates, until one of husband and wife (or both) commit a cardinal sin: infidelity.You’ll often find that the latter is more likely to spoil you with love and attention; ironic, no? There’s no blueprint, no magic formula, no surefire way of fixing what’s broken, but our friends over at Illicit are helping us figure out the . You could argue that there are more important factors in a relationship, and that it isn’t the cornerstone of every relationship, and sure, there’s a lot of cases in which you’d be right. According to Illicit Encounters, a bad sex life is at the heart of over a third of all divorces.Let’s just say a cheeky fling is always on the agenda, Donna and I both know it’s only some harmless fun.

Our husbands drop us off at the airport and they’re right where we left them when we get back, none-the-wiser and perfectly happy to see us after a little break from each other.

It’s win-win.” Spokesperson for Illicit Claire Page said “Let’s be honest here, what do you actually expect goes on – on a girls or lads holiday?

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