Hibernate java list not updating

03-Oct-2019 03:33

Hibernate will automatically changes and save them to the database.

No need to call save Or Update() or any other method.update your save Orupdate method like thispublic T save Or Update(T entity) and keep the dynamic-update=true, and you won't need that select-before-update on your mapping. But I think if you have to enable optimistic locking, this won't work.

Or you may have to implement the Merge Event Listener to throw optimistic locking exception inthat case has suggested and it worked for me.

But really i don't want to waste a database call to first fetch the record, and do the processing, If i am telling Hibernate that i have updated this object's update time then why should he is not just updating that thing only by his Id. It is part of the state of the entity and null values are saved to the database just as any other value.

Hi all, I am new user of hibernate, and getting confused with the working of save Or Update().

I have read that save Or Update() will update the table entry if there is a record present for that ID, and if the id is not present then it simply insert the record. I have a Role Table like Role_id | Role_Name | Create_Time | Create_User | Update_Time | Update_USer1 Admin At null nullnow when from the UI when an update is happen, I just use this, they are set to null.

The key to this is that the call to session.lock() associates the entity with the session and also sets the initial state.

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