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Refusing to be seen with a gay celebrity—even a nasty untalented pink one like Jeffree—is insulting. Down the screen you'll see "Profile Picture, Upload a new picture." ejz, July 10, 2008we have been saying all along that hanna beth is NOT scene – her aspirations of getting on mtv and dating that ugly “fake scenester” cyrus (who is trying to cash in on scene kids) now proves it Aisha, July 10, 2008hanna got where she is by riding on the back of audrey.

Why did she call him and say that she didn’t want to be his friend anymore?

And puh-lease, Jeffree Star almost has more friends then Tom.

Hannah can only hang on Trace’s thread of fame for so long then she will go crawling back to Jeffree because she has no one else famous to turn too.

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Not that her situation of her and Jefree had to do with fame, but hey!

And if he was indeed a true friend to Hanna, her actions seem all the more loathsome. Which is pretty sad seeing as audrey got where she is by riding on the back of brendon urie. besides, Hanna has already appeared in a dating show for MTV, which she even admitted was ridiculously staged. shes just hungry for attention, whichever way she can get it.