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17-Oct-2020 10:03

I found the above code after searching for several hours on Google, so it may not be the best to use, I don't know.I'm also noticing that I have to click the Edit link, Update link, and Cancel link in the Grid View Command column twice to get the action to occur. Do I need to change my code to get the SQL UPDATE statement to be executed before the Page_Load event is fired off (assuming that is what is causing my problem... Anyone have any thoughts or can help me on these issues?I'm putting in notes as I go so that co-workers could figure out what I did later on): Public Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Load 'Set Connection String, using connection object defined above, for use by the Data Adapters cn. Text & "' " & _ "ORDER BY aspd.invoice_number", cn) ' "sda Ship Data1" Data Adapter called to fill the first dataset sda Ship Data1.Fill(ds Ship Data, "Table1") 'Set first Grid View to be visible Ship Data1.I put together a SQL statement to update the data in the database table that matches up with the invoice number in the Grid View row of data being updated.I'm having an issue where the data in the database table is not being updated.Data Source = ds Ship Update 'Define the Table to use for populating the second Grid View ("Table1" is the default table in a generic data set) dg Ship Data2. Grid View Update Event Args) Handles dg Ship Data2.Data Member = "Table1" 'Bind the data set & table to the second Grid View, so that data is displayed in the Grid View dg Ship Data2. Row Updating 'Get the Grid View Row object that represents the row being edited Dim index As Integer = dg Ship Data2.

Visible = True 'Define the Data Source for the second Grid View ("Ds Ship Update" data set) dg Ship Data2.Find Control("Actual Freight Text Box"), Text Box) 'Define SQL string objects & new Ole Db Command objects, to execute the UPDATE & Commit statements Dim sql1 As String Dim sql2 As String Dim cmd1 As Ole Db Command Dim cmd2 As Ole Db Command 'Set the SQL statments to the SQL string objects sql1 = "UPDATE aar_ship_perform_data " & _ "SET order_type_code ='" & dg Order Type Code.