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The Sinn Fein leader said Mr Major^refusaltoelaborate on toe declaration oould only increare tite'doubts and suspi- ,'iaons of republicans who want a united Ireland. ' “the opportunity for a real sold tasting settlement has never been more realisable,’' Mr Adams wrote.

He also faulted again at'toe creation of an elected Ulster assembly. Them once your good faith is plain, we will engage w ith yo u in exploratory dialogue within thro months: What we win not do is to negotiate before you have disclaimed violence." . nally feed at £15.000 but has now and only I per cent remaine • TTHmpv whinhlviff Kttmiiw Htnlui » * A *• nnmn TV.. The money, which has been used to buy property all over Britain as we Q as places in Barbados. Austra¬ lia, Egypt 'and Chile, has been handed over in the four years since John Magfl L the district auditor, was asked to investigate the coun¬ cil’s alleged “homes for votes” policy. roissel] ^Tories’ houses THE Government Hik paid more than half toe cost of grants given by Westminster City Council m allow tenants to buy homes.The following year West¬ minster received £2.49 million from toe fund, which had been increased to £542 million- In toe same two years Camden Council, which is adjacem to Westminster and which claims a higher home¬ less rale, received £! An Environ¬ ment Ministry spokesman said last night that toe government money was allotted on the basis of need and evidence of how the scheme could assist the council in meeting that need.

In its first letter applying for government help under the scheme in 1989.

That text, and only that text, is ■what is at issue" Albert Reynolds also deliv¬ ered a blunt message to the IRA, saying: “The time is approaching when the people of Ireland will demand darm- catian on whether all paramil¬ itary and associated political associations have the sincere commitment to creating peace on this island that they .

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