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08-May-2020 04:33

My favorite (which has been used on me and I tell as an example to all my male friends asking me for advice in this area) is "Do you prefer pancakes or waffles?

" Do not ask this by itself mind you, put it at the bottom of a short message that you've created after you've read through her profile.

Then ask a question that makes her think and chances are if she likes your profile she will at least respond to the first question.

When if/when she responds continue the conversation by asking 2 or 3 questions about herself, for every one question she asks about you.

People love to talk about themselves, and when people are shown genuine interest in who they are, generally they respond with genuine interest in who you are too. And yet it will work if you just say that to a girl in real life.

Funny that Honestly, online dating is an entire world of bullshit in my opinion.

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Become interested in her as a person (actually interested, and not just to get in her pants because we can smell that from a mile away) and you'll find that the rest of it comes together nicely. PS: Don't forget to have some good pictures of yourself that friends take (avoid selfies if possible) as well as an engaging profile yourself.

The one thing to remember is that women have the upperhand in online dating, even the most average woman can expect a few messages in her inbox everyday without even trying.

The trick here is standing out, But how do you do that?

I am really bad with first messages for online dating.

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I am not a fan of one liners or anything cheesy like that. " I generally do not know what to write after that. Female here with enough online dating experience that I am considering co-authoring a book with a friend.It's important to come off well in your writing (which since you hang out on reddit I'm assuming you're good at or at least working on) your words need to feel personable like you're chatting together rather than writing a letter.

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