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An exhibit must , but there was virtually nothing in the museum’s collection, with the exception of a few pink triangles that were not connected to anyone, that he could use.Another constraint was that the exhibit had to be a panel show of less than 100 linear feet. There were iconic Holocaust objects: the rail car used to transport Jews that museum-goers walked through, the star with the word “Jude” written on it, and, of course, the shoes—each individual shoe representing a victim.The Museum of Jewish Heritage is its fifty-second US venue but, remarkably, the first time that the show has been seen in New York City.How is this Originally, the exhibit was planned as part of the Holocaust Memorial Museum’s effort to show that Nazi ideology “targeted a range of victims,” says David Marwell, the director of the Museum of Jewish Heritage, who in 2000 was an Associate Director at the Holocaust Museum.Although Phillips altered one panel to reduce the number of document images in order to enlarge the remainder for better legibility, the others are the same—despite more than a decade of new research.

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While the narrative Phillips was constructing got longer and more nuanced, increasingly he faced a challenge.

Grune survived and was liberated at the end of the war.

The exhibition has traveled virtually unchanged since it was first shown in the fall of 2002.

By the early 1930s, however, it was estimated that there were 350,000 homosexual men and women residing among the four million inhabitants of Berlin, a number that alarmed Hitler. “One did not know who one’s friends were.” Included in the exhibit is a file photo from 1938 of an alleged gay bar.

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In early May of 1933, the Nazis attacked Magnus Hirshfeld’s Institut fur Sexualwissenschaft (Institute for Sexual Research) in Berlin, burning many of its books and archives. “Clearly,” Phillips says, “some surveillance was going on.” Another photo reproduction illuminates the fact that gays often got involved in protective marriages to avoid persecution.A chart for June, 1937 lists 281 German men in twenty-four cities arrested for homosexual crimes; 112 of them were from Berlin.

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