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The wood paneled room was warm and smelled of herbs, sweat, and blood, but that was to be expected with a birth.

The smell of blood was not over whelming and the mother was a health color. Healthy with a head full of hair, as well as being nice and alert," the healer, and family friend, Cassandra stated as she passed the newly washed baby to his father.

Stefan looked up sharply at that; his mother-in-law had the sight at times and it was to be respected.

His wife told him she could look into the present time easily, but seeing the future was rare. " he asked, to which she softly laughed."He would have to be, but that is just my own thoughts as a mother and grandmother Stefan, nothing special,” she said with a smile. Let me hold him a bit if I may." Coloring a little, he sheepishly handed his son over with care.

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Ana blinked her eyes, the blue becoming clear again as she looked at her son-in-law then said with her normal voice, though quiet and reflective, "Now that is something special." She smiled again at the end of her sentence, looking at the babe with wonder, "An anima-sucium match, dear one, you are blessed beyond most." Cassandra looked between them, the healer was lost. " Ana kissed her grandson’s forehead, and walked over to her daughter, gently passing him to her. He has been patent enough, and soon will cry if we don't indulge him." She then turned and sat in a chair, smiling with her eyes closed.