Eunhyuk dating kara

16-Sep-2019 05:10

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IMO, the recent comments were from LOEN (taking tips from the KKS school of PR) to try and distract people from IU but clearly it ain't working."Netizens asked the pension manager she stayed at whether there were any group reservations in the winter of 2007 under Hara's name or any of her friends, and the manager replied that there weren't."The manager still remember his/her customers from 5 years ago???

here we go again.much about the evidence netizens dug up, but isn't the age of consent in korea is 14? she was not on legal age of drinking, driving, etc, but still.

There has been a strong reaction online as “IU and Eunhyuk” trended worldwide on Twitter.

While there has been many tweeted messages in support of the two, there are also many negative reactions directed towards IU.

In related news, IU stated that she wasn’t dating anybody on SBS’s talk show, “The Go Show” that was aired on November 2.

She went on to say that if she was in a relationship, she would want to keep it a secret.

Whatever the truth may be, lets hope that fans and netizens will be able to respect the decisions between the two.

What are your thoughts on this possibly new couple?

so they should've had known that it's actually not underage sex? All of the popular idols are really starting scandals aren't they tsk tsk. It's not the idols that are going through a hard time, but the company CEOs. Also can someone explain to me what a pension is, because over here all I here it mentioned in reference to is a check (I think a check when you get laid off or some form of retirement idk)Also the only time underaged sex is a scandal is if one of the partners is over 18, or really, 20.

Netizens retorted again that the JYP auditions were in the summer, and Hara's pictures were clearly taken in the winter as evidenced by the Merry Christmas decorations in the room. Furthermore, Hara had short, straight bangs in her audition video, but longer, sideswept bangs in the pension photos, proving that the time doesn't match up. Her agency eventually declined to comment further on the issue once netizens began finding all this 'so called evidence'.

- So basically, netizens did all this work to prove that Goo Hara had underaged sex.

(And as bonus information, the shower is an open stall and can be seen directly from the bedroom) 4.

Her friends then claimed that it was an MT group trip with her friends after the JYP auditions.

Stop backstabbing the people that helped you rise to fame and treat them well, kids tsk tsk3.

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