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Learn more about network diagram examples Back to the top Traditional network diagrams are icon-driven so only a static image identifies each device.

In a dynamic network diagram, every element correlates to a mathematical model.

The final piece of code is to create a calculated measure based filter that will be used to help select the date range. The Data Table Date variable will store the minimum value of the [Date] field from the ‘Data Table’ for each bucket on the axis.

This will effectively control which rows from the ‘Data Table’ table will be used by the calculated measures on the visual.

The important thing is to make sure there is no relationship between these two tables. Measure as filter = VAR Months To Look Back = 10 VAR Data Table Date = MIN('Data Table'[Date]) VAR Date Table Date = MIN('Dates'[Date]) VAR Date Add Alternative = EDATE(Date Table Date,-Months To Look Back) RETURN IF( (Data Table Date A breakdown of the code in the calculated measures is as follows: The Months To Look Back variable stores a value that will be used to control how many months back from the slicer selection will be used for the date range.

Power BI Desktop may attempt to link the two tables, so delete the relationship if this happens. This variable could be substituted with a What-If parameter if you’d like to provide more flexibility to your end users.

This map-driven approach accelerates troubleshooting by allowing engineers to monitor performance data, analyze historical changes, and automate troubleshooting logic.

Learn more about visual troubleshooting Network changes can be both risky and manual.

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Lets generate two tables of dummy data to demonstrate.

This is the column we will use in the axis of a visual.