Dns records not updating server 2016 ray fishman dating

26-Mar-2020 10:36

• ADI zones become “corrupt” in that the DNS records are not consistent across all DCs, giving inconsistent results to DNS queries.Assuming you don’t want to wipe out the whole zone, there is a cool trick that can get the ADI (multi-primary) zone back on track if you suspect corruption (inconsistent behavior in the domain’s name resolution) in an ADI zone.There were some static A records that had to be entered by hand but he had that information.I wouldn’t recommend this as a troubleshooting method but I have used it when the entire zone was hosed – meaning records and name resolution was inconsistent across the DNS servers. While the AD Integrated (ADI) Primary DNS feature -- which stores the zone file in Active Directory -- is faster and more efficient than standard DNS, it has some negative points: • The zone file is not a simple text file on disk and can only be viewed and manipulated with tools that access AD.

However, using Repadmin/showobjmeta command we can get more data. Also shown is the GUID of the originating DC and the timestamp.

This is actually by design and is noted in step seven above.