Disabled tv dating

02-Nov-2020 03:22

Whether in movies, TV shows or news stories, these depictions show people with disabilities as being in desperate need of help or charity.

The “Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon”, for example, was widely criticized because it portrayed people with disabilities as needing charity and a cure. Previously, the majority of disabled characters on television or movies were depicted using the medical model of disability.

Even the terminology used by media outlets like newspapers contributes to this idea.

I often read stories describing disabled individuals “inspirational,” “brave” and “courageous.” The focus is often on the person’s impairment rather than the individual.

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This is the portrayal I personally dislike the most.

The number of times I have seen or read stories about disabled people who are thought to be exceptional because they do simple things like graduate from college, play a musical instrument or go to work in spite of their disability is impressive!